Hey there! This is our first official blog. We’re excited to share our thoughts on the future of education and to tell you more about the products we are building.

Who are we?

We are an educational technology startup called Ylurn (pronounced y-learn). Ylurn is on a mission to transform the future of education by making quality education accessible to everyone.

Back in college days, we started questioning a lot of things.

  • What did I learn in my 15 years of school?
  • Did it really require 15 years of my life?
  • Will I ever use most of what I learned?
  • Do I really need to know ‘A’?
  • Why are we learning ‘A’ when we really like ‘B’?
  • Why does an exam score decide what I learn for the next 4 years?
  • Why can’t I choose what I want to learn?

When most of these questions didn’t have convincing answers, we knew something was not right with our education system.

Why fix education?

In short, if we fix education, we fix a lot of problems in this world. Technology and the internet have transformed the education industry by making educational content easily accessible and very cheap but there is still a lot of progress to be made. A few big problems in education right now

These problems are a strong indication that there need to be radical changes made to the current education system. We are confident that online education can help us in solving most of these problems. Online education

  • Is more flexible in terms of choice of curriculum, time, place
  • Is more scalable as it doesn’t have any physical/geographical constraints
  • Is extremely cheap compared to traditional options
  • Teaches you self-discipline and responsibility

“Human brain power is vastly under-utilised on this planet because most people lack access to a good education. Strong education systems lead to greater social mobility, better workers, better citizens, and more. A small increase in the learning output of education systems across the globe would have an enormous impact on human productivity and economic growth.”

What are we currently building?

Currently, we are building tools for teachers, students and educational institutes to teach and learn smarter, online. Most of these tools can be found on our website ylurn.com.

We couldn’t be more excited to go on this journey. If you are too, follow our blog or get in touch with us. We’re also hiring. You can apply for jobs here.